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Life is a series of experiences, each of which makes us stronger, although sometimes it is difficult for us to realize.

Henry Ford

About us

A few words about us

The E-MCOM company was founded in 2014 year. We offer IT services, we provide a number of electrical services. We make them with due diligence while maintaining accepted standards and regulations. We care for the proper development of the company. We implement assumptions that are based on mutual cooperation. We are open to all contacts and proposals for joint projects.


Mariusz Wrocławski

with many years of experience. Initiator of the idea of ​​establishing a company that is the basis for transformation into a family enterprise. Passionate, devoted to the idea of ​​helping. Valuing values ​​resulting from honest work, commitment and self-development. Representing the democratic style of chairing in the everyday life of a company.


What can we do for you in the area of ​​IT solutions?
We will carry out the project
  • We will offer tailored services,
  • We will help, advise, use our experience in choosing a solution,
  • We will try to provide efficient IT service in your company.
  • A reliable service with all applicable standards and regulations,
  • A more convenient solution, chosen to function with satisfactory results,
  • We guarantee efficient service of our solutions.
Who can we provide services for?

We provide services for companies, institutions and private persons.


Mariusz | Service IT

Company Owner

Piotr | Serviceman

Electrical technician

We have established cooperation

We worked for ..